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The Bounty Hunter has three search modes – all metal, tone discrimination and full discrimination. Other menu controls include a target depth indicator which shows how deep to dig for the target, and a battery level indicator so you’ no caught short. Category ID numbers further help you along by indicating the type of metal you have found, such as iron or gold, and the two digit number target gives a readout of 1-99. The Fisher F22 has a 9-inch search coil that’s waterproof and a superfast re-tune speed. Products specifically made for kids can help alleviate some of these concerns, but there is also a trade-off – a detector that is too rugged may not be as sensitive to detecting certain types of metal. Certain types of metal detector coils can be easily damaged, so when we set out on the mission to find detectors we recommend for kids to use, we wanted to make sure we found ones that can stand the use and abuse from beginners. Filtering out undesirables is made easy by its target separation features. This metal detectors for beginners unit can pick up anything from coins to relics and can even be used to prospect for gold. There isn’t a DD coil or even standard concentric circular coils at the other end, either; it looks like a DVD with a hole in the middle is attached to the shaft. We were surprised to find an iron audio adjustment option on this Teknetics detector, but found that it’s not really similar to the one on the (much) higher priced AT Pro; it simply can be set to “sound louder” when passing over iron. Those all combine to let you find just about any metal and tell you exactly what you’ve found. The included headphones can’t be used underwater but everything else on this unit can, to a depth of ten feet. Also, its battery level indicator alerts you well in advance if the battery is losing its strength. It comes with an easy-to-use knob which facilitates a smooth control and distinguishing ability to the user. The 6.5-inch coil is essentially child-proof which is elicited by an all-weather design in case your child leaves it outside after playing. Speaking of range, it can detect coins as deep as 5″ and 2 feet for larger objects. It also works with a preset ground balance that rules out minerals in different soil types. This saves you time and effort as you only dig in that precise location. You can switch the unit to pinpoint mode so that you can locate the exact location of the item. This metal detector is best recommended for coin, jewelry, relic hunting, gold prospecting and fragments of history. Also, it has an all-metal motion mode and a 3-position mode switch that what makes it more promising is that can detect even in shallow water with its very own target strength meter and automatic ground balance. These are depth, sensitivity, discrimination, ground balance and type of coil. This ultra lightweight and adjustable Treasure Cove TC-1018 Waterproof Analog Detector is a great general purpose metal detector for beginner kids and adults alike. The White’s Electronics XVenture Kid’s Metal Detector is manufactured by White’s Electronics, which is a well known and respected brand in the metal detecting industry. The built-in preset modes make it easy even for the beginners and its modern features make it buyable for the expert users. Moreover, its waterproof and weather resistant features make it all the more buyable. The customizable iron audio tone enables you to set the objects containing iron content at a low level which also allows you to differentiate between the desired and non-desired targets easily. Fisher has the ability to serve you for a long period due to its sturdy construction and waterproof exterior. XP DEUS metal detector is lightweight and compact which supplements its portability. The waterproof search coil also ensures that you are not limited to sunny weather. This is as a result of its standard waterproof search coil. When the magnetic field is placed over a metal object the current flows through the metal object and back into the detector activating the receiver coil. Control Box – the metal detector’s brain is located here alongside the power source.

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